Multi Construction Services Inc. is a professional, full service
construction company specializing in Hydro Excavation.
Hydro Excavation is a procedure in which highly pressurized
water and a powerful vacuum are used to loosen ground soil
and deposit it into a self-contained debris tank.
Hydro Excavation provides an alternative method and much
safer solution for year round excavation even in the winter
months. Hydro X is becoming a preferred method for locating,
exposing and excavating gas, electrical, phone and all other
types of underground infrastructure. We can replace most
forms of conventional excavation such as hand digging with a
shovel, rubber tire, backhoe and auger, eliminating areas that
would be impossible to access with mechanical equipment. It
can compliment traditional excavating methods. With
underground infrastructure evolving MCS can provide a more
precise, accurate cost efficient method for your locating and
excavating needs. Multi Construction Services prides itself as a
Hydro Excavation company and devotes its fleet of trucks to
this method. We do not use conventional sewer trucks nor do
we excavate any sanitary wastes or hazardous materials should
the material be re-used.  The Hydro Excavation system can
virtually eliminate any chance of catastrophic damage to
existing services with least amount of ground disturbance.